How we can transform our activity to clean the air


London is regularly exceeding the legally binding pollution limits set by the EU. Whether commuting to work or school; jogging or walking; the noxious gases and particulates penetrate deep into our lungs posing a significant health risk.


ActiveAir footwear helps to reverse the damage of air pollution by directly filtering the air at ground level through your shoes. 


With each pair of shoes having the capacity to filter 2.5l per second, someone wearing the shoe will filter as much as they breathe in when wearing them. This means that over a 1 km walk, the shoes will filter over 8 times the volume of air a car will emit.


Allowing people to be part of a collective culture by making these micro-contributions to cleaning the air around them.  ActiveAir has the potential to not only raise awareness about the high levels of air pollution in London, but also to make a significant impact on the air we breathe.




Design week


Designers clean up polluted air with wet wipes and trainers at Somerset House

london design week:

material far future exhibition

sic mulher


ActiveAir footwear just got featured in SIC Mulher, a Portuguese television channel and news platform.

"Walk with clean air"



Makerversity, London, UK



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